Corpus Hungaricum


Limestone, basalt, bronze, 600cm (1950-1999)

The monument of mourning - This statue was made by Nandor Wagner in Budapest in the dark fifties. He recalled that to make Corpus Hungaricum was a duty given to himself instead of committing suicide. After he left Hungary in 1956 his friends moved the plaster-cast from his Várbazár studio and hid it in the celler of the St. Steven Museum in Székesfehérvár. Although it seems incredible it was there undisturbed with few other art pieces of Nandor Wagner from 1956 to 1995. Returning to Hungary early ninties he was happy to find it, corrected the dameges and presented it to the city in 1997. The Corpus was cast in the atelier of Benedek Nagy and also he made the basalt postament.


Updated: 02/02/07