The Garden of Philosophy

From memos of Nándor Wagner

click to enlargeIt is necessary to have healthy and peaceful spirit in order to use the result of scientific development properly and effectively. Without calm spirited human being, achieved scientific results till today become destructive and useless.

The scientific knowledge and its application have opened the road long ago for intelligent and peaceful life for everybody in the world.

The obstacles have political and economic character. The reason in both cases arises from differences of the laws and their application.

The law was born from the relation of human being to the nature, which developed into the different forms of law system (heritage). The significant custom for society has religious nature. Sticking to the rule is the most characteristic for every community small or large. The law gives safe feeling to an individual, a family and to the all-human kind of whole world. At the end of this century as we are now urgently appeared responsibility of individual for safeness of the whole world.

For basic interest to everybody in any international contacts, it is necessary to take into consideration each other's custom for smooth constructive relation.
In order to be able to come near each other from different groups, it is necessary to go back to the original image of plus minus one ±1. If we accept the base of ethics and law, it can be easier to create common law for all the humanity.

The "Garden of Philosophy" is exactly the step toward this direction. It is created to start from one centre. Around this centre point there are three rings. The first one is a complete ring around the centre point. The five figures around the centre point are symbolising different culture of the world. They made the ideas and became founder of main religions of the world. The centre of each religion has different name like Kamisama, Hotokesama, Isten or Allah but Itself is not different. The second ring is the group of people from different culture and time who resulted in spiritual enlightenment and everyone in the same way they acted this result in practice in their society. The third ring is a group of people of law in different country and different time. They made a law, which became mainstream of existing laws of today. They are Hamurabi, Justinianus and Shotoku Taishi.

click to enlargeThis road of the "Garden of Philosophy" shows development of human kind and time gives us the question for necessity of new common law of the world and opens the door to think for future.




July, 1996 in Mashiko

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