Presentation of Garden of Philosophy


Garden of Philosophy in Mashiko

Nandor Wagner spent the last 15 years of his life with making his Garden of Philosophy. It was not for order but from his free will. He wanted to leave a message for the next generations. His concept was to form a circular centre where he placed those ones whose life and spiritual heritage has been effecting the life of most of the people since long (Abraham, Akhenaten - Amenhotep IV., Jesus, Buddha, Lao-tse). He placed in the outer space the statues of those personalities who lived their life according the high standards and morals given by the central figures (Mahatma Gandhi, Daruma - Boddhi Dharma, Saint Francis of Assisi). The group of outstanding law founders has been composed on historical basis (Hammurabi, Justinian, Moses, Prince Shotoku). His composition in plaster was ready to show to people and the media on 6th of May, 1985. In his famous interview he said to Asahi Evening News on 16th November, 1994 What I am trying to do will not be successful in my lifetime. It needs one more century after me. He had been thinking about more personalities, but only Socrates head was made as his last sculpting before his death.

Garden of Philosophy was cast in three sets. His intention was to present his artwork to Budapest, New York and Tokyo respectively. His wish was to place at such a location where the scientists, state officials, politicians and the people can see it, and that was his No.1 condition. His wish to present Garden of Philosophy was made public during mid 90-ies. He was searching for suitable partners in Hungary, USA and Japan to complete his will. He wrote his presentation letter to Hungary through the Hungarian Embassy in Tokyo on 6th of June, 1997. During his European tour he visited Hungary and reported the progress of the presentation to Mayor Istvan Nagy of Szekesfehervar in June. Alas to say after returning to Japan he was diagnosed cancer and his early death on 15th of November stopped the process. His wife after the year of mourning confirmed and initiated the presentation again by her letter dated 12th of July, 1999 to Mayor Gabor Demszky, the present was accepted. After receiving all the approvals the Garden of Philosophy was unveiled on Gellert Hill, Budapest on 18th of October, 2001.

Updated: 2001/10/25