Statues created by Nandor Wagner
Corpus Hungaricum

Corpus Hungaricum (1950-1999, basalt, bronze, 600cm high)
It represents the apotheosis from deep mourning. Corpus Hungaricum was placed in the park next to the Lutheran church and unveiled on National Mourning Day the 6th of October, 1999. Since that it has become one of the official ceremony place in Székesfehérvár, Hungary on that very date.
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Angel in Lund

Angel (1963, cast stainless steel, 430cm, on natural rock base 80cm)
The memorial monument of Polish victims and refugees of the Second World War was erected in North Cemetery Lund, Sweden. It stands there to symbolize the rights to freedom and the need for struggle against totalitarian systems. On the backside the lead seal of "Melior Mors Macula" [Better Death than Disgrace] conveys the message of the whole work. The angel holds a living bird in the raised hand and a perished one in the other hand. Wagner's first cast stainless steel statue.
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Dancing Children

Dancing children (1964, stainless steel, 120cm high)
A vigorous composition of four dancing children are in open arc. Two boys and two girls do not touch each other and the outstreched, upreaching hands and swinging legs lend the composition a strikingly dynamic sense of motion, wich is even emphasized by the fountain. It was erected in Gävre, Sweden in 1964 later moved to private collection.
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Silent Fountain

Silent Fountain (1965, granite, 120x240x50+50cm)
The two basin silent fountain represents a still water work. First it was placed in the garden of ULFASA hospital in Eslvöv, Sweden and was there for good twenty years. As the hospital function was changed it was removed with the help of art teacher Ingela Jarlsson to Ölycke School in Löberöd village nearby Eslöv in 1994.
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Tranås with fountain

Tranås the bird (1965, cast stainless steel, 420cm, natural rock base, 650cm)
The legendary bird, Tranås is the coat of arms symbol of city of Tranås in Sweden. According to the legend it breaks water to feed its chiks, which runs as a thread waterfall down the huge granit rock natural in situ since 1965. This composition is in the park of a condonomium complex.
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Eternity (1966, cast stainless steel, 270x105cm)
A sculpture of reincarnation, embodying the simultaneous arrival and departure. It is an abstract bird like composition coming down to land and ascent or taking off. That is the last cast stainless steel statue made in Sweden. It was not erected there, but transported to Japan. It placed in the inner garden of Wagner's atelier and regarded as one of the symbols of TAO Foundation established by the Wagners.
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Patron saints of Travellers

Patron saints of Travellers (1974, cast stainless steel, 640cm)
Wagner's winning composition for the Narita International Airport hotel complex, which stands in front of the Narita View Hotel. It is one of the best example of Wagner's abstract-constuctivist expressive statues. The largest cast stailess steel statue. This is the only Japanese saint with two figures. The motive is used: a cup of sake offering both at departure and arrival between closely related persons. It is the moment of expressing mutual love and care.
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Updated: 05/Feb/2007